3D Artist with a 15 year professional background in art, architecture, design and building in a 3D environment. Following a lucrative career in architecture and business, returned to school to refine skills in game development. December 2014 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Game Design, with honors and as class Valedictorian. Keen understanding of art, architecture, scale, proportion & overall design fundamentals.  

My belief as a practiced designer is that functional design should always be considered even within the imaginary worlds we create. Scale and proportion is an area often overlooked in games and animation but is critical to making a composition believable. Thorough planning and research are the cornerstone to a successful concept. I continue to build my skills in all levels of art, design and technology. I enjoy hard work and thrive in fast paced working environments seeking high levels of design and art regardless of the genre.  Working well within a team and having the confidence and organizational skills to be a strong leader are imperative traits I possess for building a career in the game industry.





Proficient in: 3D Modeling, UV Layout & Texturing, 3D Painting, Environmental Modeling, Physically Based Textures (PBR), Background Layout, Organic Modeling, Level Design, Site Planning, Modular Model Building, Architecture & Problem Solving. 

In addition to core skills, trained in creating Story Boards, Interface Design, Basic Coding, Animation & Rigging. 

Competent in working with any professional software that may be required to complete the task and continually learning new software that makes individual and group work more efficient.  

Preferred workflow from concept or sketch consists of:

-General & Hard Surface Modeling, UV and rigging in 3ds Max

-Organic Modeling and Details in Mudbox or ZBrush

-Texturing in Mudbox, Photoshop and Substance Designer

-Export for integration and level building in Unity or Unreal