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Studying Architecture has given me a foot forward when taking concept drawings and building 3D environments. In this project I built Moe's Bar from 2D screen shots of the Simpsons cartoon.

Using Mudbox I was able to quickly create several texture options for this low poly pistol.  A good UV Layout is imperative for getting professional results.

This high polygon bust of Yoda was created using ZBrush.  Once the High Poly was built I retopologized creating a more workable model for games & animation.  UV Mapping and painting in textures made for a more believable character.

In less than 2,000 polygons I modeled the Pirate Crab character based on Dave Greco's concept for KingsIsle Entertainment https://www.pirate101.com. Respecting the parameters of the game I applied a Diffuse Map only.

I am new to the video game and animation industry but have a professional background in Architecture.  I specialize in three dimensional environmental and organic modeling.  I have experience with UV Layout, texturing and working with the UDK and Unity game engines.  As a practiced designer I believe that functional design should always be considered even within the imaginary worlds we create.  Scale and proportion is an area often overlooked in games and animation but is critical to making a composition believable.  I continue to build my skills in all levels of art, design and technology. With a keen eye and a solid foundation in the fundamentals of design I plan to make my mark in the entertainment industry.

3D Artist

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